Storm Waters novel cover: Above a sea green background the name "Kat Richardson" in Yellow deco-style font" with the title "Storm Waters" in white at the bottom and a quote from Cherie Priest saying "A pitch-perfect killer noir." Curling around three sides of the cover is a navy blue skeleton of some giant reptile lying beneath the water; a skeletal human hand reaches up from the creature, poised to snatch a small white speed boat from the surface as it races up the cover from the O in Storm toward the author's name above. at the very bottom of the cover are the words "A new thriller by the National Bestselling Author of Greywalker."

Storm Waters on Sale Soon!

I’m so excited! If I were a dog I’d be wagging myself silly. Preorders are now open at Fairwood Press for my new novel (and start of a new series) Storm Waters! Order soon, and make my publisher (and me) very happy. And save yourself $3.00!

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Yes, this is the book I’ve been talking about for a while now: Marty F-ing Storm will be on the loose in November. (And yes, the image on the cover is inspired by an actual action scene in the book, so it’s not just pretty, and thanks to Artemis for the lovely cover art!)

From the back cover:


A modern noir thriller with a paranormal twist set in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Prohibition has just ended, and the US is still struggling in the depths of the Great Depression. But for notorious playboy and ex-bootlegger Marty Storm, life couldn’t be better. Only his best friend knows about his knack for water magic—and for making “problems” disappear—though no one knows his family’s shipping business was built on sorcery and murder. When he’s accused of a gruesome killing, he knows he’s been framed, but corrupt cops and his conscience aren’t his only problem. Vengeful spirits, a little girl with a strange connection to the Los Angeles River, a crate full of trouble, and broken memories force him to unwind the horrifying secrets of his own past and return to the dark heart of his family in the bayous outside New Orleans. With some unlikely allies both new and old, Marty must confront the ugly source of his family’s fortune and power.

Murder, magic, love, death, and family: Marty Storm has come to the tipping point of his life, whether he knows it or not, and to control his destiny, he’ll take a desperate plunge into dark magic he swore he’d never use.