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By Kat Richardson


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Paranormal Detective

Harper Blaine Alternate Cover

Seattle P. I. Harper Blaine works the realm between the living and the dead in this bestselling series.

“The perfect blend of hard-boiled P.I. and supernatural thriller”



“(T)he best paranormal fantasy saga on the shelves…. This series isn’t just good – it’s instantly classic.”

—PAUL GOAT ALLEN, Barnes and Noble Explorations Blog

Blood Orbit

Science Fiction Cop Thriller

Red Mechanical Eye

2019 Endeavor Award winner, written as “K. R. Richardson”

“A clever, twisting, and savage science fiction crime story that fuses colonization fiction with genuine deep noir. …Original, culturally rich, and as ruthless as a novel about murder, secrets, and lies should be.”

—WARREN ELLIS, New York Times bestselling author


Standalones, and Short Stories

Richardson’s short fiction covers a range of fields: Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, Fairy Tales, Crime, Science Fiction, Police Procedural, Superheroes and hybrids that define or defy genre. From Christmas werwolves to futuristic cops, Fantasy chainmail to vengeful grannies—Whatever you like, you’re likely to find something to entertain you in her short fiction and collaborative works.


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