A Bag of Dick's Anthology Front cover


I Have New Stories Out!

Wonderful news! I have a new book out today! Through the Grey: a collection of short stories by me!  Woohoo! Get more information about it here, or by clicking on the cover pic to the left. It includes two previously-unpublished stories—”Shatter” (a Science Fiction novella). and “Single-Edged” (a contemporary dark comedy with a touch of magical realism)—and eight other stories, some familiar and some quite rare and hard to find. Brought to you by Falstaff Books!

But that’s not all! A while back I was asked to write a crime story in the world of Spokane-based writer Colin Conway’s 509 Criminal Task Force. So that’s also been out a few months (my bad!) featuring my own weird little contribution “Finger Food” about thief in trouble looking to save his ass by finding a special burger bag that might be connected to a heinous crime. It was a fun project and I hope all you mystery fans (and non-mystery fans, too) will look into it. Click here, or on the cover pic for more info.

In the meantime, I’ve got two other short stories in the process for other anthologies, and a Sooper Seekret Project that I’ve been really looking forward to for quite a while. Hoping to have more news in the near future!

And I’ll be revamping the website again soon, so Stay Tuned!