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Well… hell

I had all the pricing and shipping info ready to post so any of you in a book-acquiring mind could buy books from me. But it turns out that my WP Forms-generated contact form has not been sending me email since… well, I’m not sure, but the last email I got through this site was back in January  of this year. I’ve been trying to solve the problem, but so far, it’s defeating me. Tomorrow I shall bring out the big guns: Mr. Kat (who used to work for my ISP). Hopefully, we’ll be able to get it working and then I can sell you guys books! And exchange email with you!

And all this time I thought no one was sending me email. Gosh, I hope I didn’t miss something really wonderful while my contact form was broken…


6 thoughts on “Woe!

  1. Elsa DieLowin says:

    I am not sure what you have, and I am not sure which I have paper and which hardback, and we are cataloging but not fast enough, and…

    I suppose I could look on our LibraryThing and hope, but we keep finding books I thought we together in wildly diverse places, so who knows?

    Anyway, I want a boxed set, even if I have to make the box(es) myself. Do you have the makings of a whole set in either form?

    Big hugs to you!


    • Elsa DieLowin says:

      P.S. Our LibraryThing is Draigsffau. I think we have about 30% of our books in, maybe fewer.

    • Elsa, my love, I missed this message. Could you send me an email via the contact page, or direct if you still have the old email (which still works)? I’d love to get you what you need, but I lose track of things in the comments so quickly!

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