Individual Titles Still available

Wow! I really didn’t expect this to happen so fast. All the complete sets of the Greywalker novels are now sold and will be shipping soon. But that doesn’t mean there are no books left! I still have various formats of everything, but they don’t make neatly matched sets, and in some cases I only have a few of  some formats or titles.

What’s still available:

  • Greywalker US Mass Market (5)
  • Poltergeist US Mass Market (10), German paperback (1)
  • Underground Hardcover (7 + 1 signed and dated on launch day, August 4, 2008), US Mass Market (10), UK paperback (1) German paperback (2)
  • Vanished Hardcover (11), US Mass Market (7)
  • Labyrinth Hardcover (10), US Mass Market (11)
  • Downpour UK Paperback (17), Audio disc set (1)
  • Seawitch Hardcover (23), US Mass Market (15), Audio disc set (2)
  • Possession Hardcover (30), US Mass Market (30) Audio disc set (2)
  • Revenant Hardcover (33) US Mass Market (36) Audio disc set (1)
  • Sliding Puzzles and Bookmarks

So if you’re trying to fill out a set, or create a set just for reading and aren’t picky about the books all matching, there’s still books available!

Drop me email via the contact form if you’re interested.



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